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Monday, April 9, 2012

Living a New Life

What a blessing these past four weeks have been! The five of us are adjusting well to our new life as a family in the States, and Brigitte really seems to be enjoying herself. There are so many new things to experience and take in. She likes to do anything that has to do with our dog, Simba. The poor dog even had to play dress-up with her! She likes to go on walks around the neighborhood and count all the dogs she sees and hears. We've played cards together, gone to Christina's soccer games, watched Katie do Taekwondo, and visited with friends.
First day in America
Crazy-warm weather for a mid-March soccer game!
First meal at home (pizza!)
Brigitte is just starting to speak a few English words, but she knows and understands a lot. Cindy is homeschooling her for the rest of the semester, focusing on English and Math. For the rest of us, we are getting better and better with our Spanish! Most of the time around the house Brigitte talks up a storm in Spanish, and we try to understand as much as we can.

We just enjoyed our first Easter together, and Brigitte loved coloring eggs and doing an egg hunt. Church has been somewhat of a challenge, as Brigitte easily gets overwhelmed by all the people.  She has been sitting with us in the main worship service so far, and sits very well despite not being able to understand much of what is being said. 

Faithful dog!
Bedtimes are a special event. One of us will read a book with her, Cindy helps with her shower, Brian reads a chapter of the Bible to her, and then she has some time in her bed to read on her own. 

Coloring Easter eggs

Brigitte seems happy most of the time, but there are occasions when she thinks of her good friends at Hogar de Esperanza and really misses them.  She misses the time they had to play together, to talk together, and to live life together.  Her nine years there hold some good memories and she often looks at her pictures of her friends there. 

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