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Friday, March 9, 2012

We're done!!!

Thursday morning we were surprised how quickly we got through security at the Embassy.  The man behind the glass handed us Brigitte's passport with the visa and a packet of documents for customs, congratulated us on completing our process, and sent us on our way!

We think there might be one more paper to sign with our attorney, but we will be heading home the beginning of next week!

So, what does it look like when a bunch of gringos hang out in Lima with a little Peruana?  This!
We have been enjoying some wonderful time with the Ingrums over the past few days, including a dinner at Fridays, and coffee at Starbucks! Thursday I was able to go over to the Word Made Flesh ministry center with Geoff and see the ministry first hand.  They have a wonderful place not too far from where most of the youth are to whom they minister.  The center houses their offices, some great meeting space, and even a green backyard!

After a quick tour of the facility, Geoff, two other staff members and I went out onto the streets as they do each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon to be with the youth.  Tuesdays are Bible study times, while Thursdays are times just to be with the youth on their turf.  I don't have any pictures of our outing because we can't carry with us any valuables, cameras, cash, etc. in this area of Lima.  It is a pretty rough place, and these youth live in really poor conditions. Most have dropped out of school and are living in little rooms with a common bathroom.  Among others, we visited with Sandra, a pregnant 19 year old who lives with her boyfriend Jose and their 2-year-old son in a very dirty and dark room about 9' x 12'.  She was doing laundry in a bucket in the middle of the room when we arrived, and stopped to chat with us for a while.  Jose eventually got off his bed and chatted a bit as well.  Sandra is interested in studying the Bible with Geoff and his team, and has expressed interest in going to church.

What a blessing it is for our church to be a part of this ministry the Ingrums are having here in Lima.  They are sharing Christ's love with some of the poorest of South America.

The rest of the past couple of days have been doing life together as parents and daughter.  We’ve been to “Parque Gato” (Parque Kennedy) a lot, which is right down the street from our apartment.  Brigitte really likes animals, and counts the cats she sees at the park when we arrive.  I think she has counted over 40 at one point!  She is especially keeping her eyes out for dogs as we walk, and really wants to go and pet them when we can.  Simba is going to get a lot of attention when we get home!

A dramatic Barby production presented in high-pitched Spanish!

2 month old Miniature Schnauzer!

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