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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Farthest She's Ever Been...

This is it. Today we will travel with our new daughter the farthest away from home she’s ever been. To the rest of us it will be just a short one-hour flight to Lima, but for her as she steps on a plane for the first time she will be venturing away from the city where she has lived all of her nine years. Except for what she brought from the orphanage in her little purple suitcase and in her new Minnie Mouse carry-on, she will be leaving everything that she has ever known.  As she goes out her door and steps onto the road we will be with her to help her keep her feet. She won’t be swept off to somewhere, but will be safe with her new family. 

I can’t imagine what must be going through her mind as she wakes this morning.  She will be trusting her life with people she has only lived with a week.  It has been a week of learning new bedtime routines including shower time, reading the Bible together, praying in two different languages, and kisses goodnight.  It has been fun times of chasing sisters around the house, tickle fights, and Uno.  It has been new experiences here in her own city like going to the public library, eating at a fancy restaurant, touring a fire statio, and trying new foods like French toast.  It has also been full of necessities like going to the doctor’s office again, meeting with social workers, compromising on the location of family outings, and taking medicine for a sore throat.
Her church

Her Sunday School class

Good friends

Her home for the past week (Hogar Luz de Vida)

Truck from Washington State at Trujillo Station #1!

Chifa! (Peruvian Chinese)

Now, we help her take this transition a bit further, to the capital of her country, away from familiar faces here at Hogar Luz de Vida and the city of Trujillo.  I think she will do well, as she is enjoying us and trusting us so far. This certainly won’t be the farthest away from home she will go nor the most change she will experience as she journeys with her new family, but this is still a big step for a kid who has lived her nine years in a five-acre complex.  Please continue to pray for us all as we take this adventure together and as we work through all the changes together!

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  1. Praying. It gives me great joy to read this and see how God has blessed that little girl. I will be especially praying for you on the day of silence.