The Rummerys are adopting! God placed adoption on our hearts about two years ago as a result of mission trips we took with our church in 2009 and 2010 to an orphanage in Peru. Well, to be honest, Cindy has had this on her heart since I took a trip to an orphanage in Ukraine in 1998, and it has taken me this long to open my heart to adoption! Read More Here

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brigitte, Our Third Daughter!!!

Please let us introduce you to our new daughter, Brigitte Rummery!  We are finished with the adoption process here in Lima, the “day of silence” has passed without incident, and we have received all the documents necessary from the Peruvian government.  We have adopted a daughter!!! 

Brigitte with Cindy in front of our apartment
With Maria Elena and Raul
Brigitte, Cindy and I were picked up this morning by our attorneys, Maria Elena and Raul, at 8:30 to head over to the Secretaria National de Adopciones for the last time to receive all the paperwork.  From there we made our way over to the local government office to get Brigitte’s new birth certificate.  After a short wait in a surprisingly nice office they handed us the new birth certificates listing Cindy and I as Brigitte’s mother and father, and with Brigitte’s new last name—Rummery!  We then made our way into the downtown Lima area to the passport office to get her new passport, which is needed for her medical checkup in order to get a visa to enter the US.  The doctor’s office is back over near the birth certificate office (ie. more riding in Lima traffic!).  After her checkup and four shots (!) we were getting pretty hungry for lunch.  We all agreed that Pardo’s Chicken was a good choice, especially because they have a McDonald’s style play place!
As we said goodbye for the day to Maria Elena and Raul we did a little shopping and hung out in Park Kennedy.  Especially as  the clock approached 6:30 Brigitte kept pointing out to us how long we had been gone from our apartment today.  Taking the clue, we picked up a quick dinner of empañadas, churros, and ice cream and ate among the cats in the park.  Then back to the apartment in time to do bed routines and to bed on time!
Lunch yesterday at Plaza de Armas

A puppy in the park!
We are so thankful for all who have helped make this adoption possible, both financially and through helping in many ways along our path.  Most of all, thank you for all your prayers for us each step of our journey.  We look back and are amazed at how God has so clearly called us to this and how He has worked His sovereign will.

Sunday in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa
Trying to read Eph. 2 to Brigitte in Spanish!
Our celebration dinner at Junius with all three kids!
Even though we started 19 months ago, we are really just beginning today our new family with Brigitte.  We have a lot of adjustments and changes coming up, and we know God will work His will through our new family as He has brought us together.

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  1. Congratulations!!! ¡¡¡Felicitaciones amigos!!! :) I recently made empanadas (in Tolono!) and would love to share the recipe/instructions with you if you would like to try it (if you haven't already). :) When will you be back in Illinois?

  2. Praise God!! So happy for you all and especially that you now can say her name! Brigitte! What a beautiful name to go along with a beautiful little girl! God's best to you all! Brenda

  3. Amazing. What a clear picture of God's love for us... I am so glad you listened to God's call despite the obstacles!