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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Applying for Brigitte's visa to the USA

Before we made our way over to the embassy to apply for Brigitte’s visa, we decided to go over to the coast to show Brigitte the ocean.  Larcomar Mall is an upscale place here in Miraflores that sits on the cliff overlooking the Pacific.  Here is the beautiful view we saw this morning:

Yes, even though it was a bright, sunny day at our apartment building ½ mile from the coast, the fog was rolling in deep and thick right along the coast.  We could almost see the beach down below!

Another spectacular view of the fog!
Here's what we were hoping to see, as we did a couple weeks ago...
Our driver picked us up early to take us to the embassy, and we had some time to just hang out in front of the building waiting for Maria Elena.  We heard that back in the 80’s there were some terrorist attacks against this embassy, so the walls are high, the doors thick, and bulletproof glass everywhere.

Raul with Brigitte
Pasta and fruit for dinner!
Uh oh, bonding time...
We enjoyed our chit chat with the American who processed our application, and he said we should receive the visa soon—maybe even tomorrow!  We have been surprised at how quickly the process has gone here in Lima, and we look forward to being home sooner than we thought!

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  1. Brigitte, tu padre looks muy bonita!
    Tia Christine