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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Adoption Resolution

We made it to Lima!  But before we said goodbye to Trujillo and our friends there, we were able to spend an afternoon at the resort town of Huanchaco.  Christina, Katie, and I got to try our hands at piloting the small fishing boats that this town is known for.  They are pretty fun, and really cut through the surf well.  For living on a sand dune her whole life, our girl was not so excited about playing in the sand, but did manage to bury Katie’s feet as we sat on the beach.

On Thursday we loaded up all our things in two taxis and went with our friend Roberto to the airport (thanks for going with us, Roberto!).  Although we experienced quite a delay, with the airline officials, the security chief, and even a local police chief wanting to read and make photocopies of all our guardianship documents, we arrived at our gate with plenty of time to spare.  What an exciting first plane flight for our new daughter, as she got to see the Peruvian mountains and even the orphanage where she grew up out her window.  She wasn’t afraid at all, but took it all in with big smiles and giggles!

We checked into our 2-bedroom apartment here in Miraflores, got some good sleep, and got started with our day.

Friday we ran around quite a lot with Maria Elena and Raul (our attorneys) signing paperwork, making photocopies, and paying fees.  The result of the day’s work was that we received our official adoption resolution!  We still must wait until Tuesday to continue on with the next step in the process, as the law requires one working day between presentation of the resolution and the release of the official paperwork.  That didn’t stop us from celebrating, though!  We all went out to a Peruvian music, dance, and dinner show at Junius restaurant, and all five of us really enjoyed it. Our new daughter especially liked seeing Christina and Katie getting called up on stage by the performers to do a little Peruvian dancing!

This weekend we will relax, get Christina and Katie on the plane back to the States, and continue to bond with our girl.


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  1. This makes me sooooo happy!!! I pray for Brigitte, you all, and the transition every night!

    Kelly (a former volunteer at Hogar de Esperanza)