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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tres Hermanas

On Friday, we had an official visit from the social worker in the morning.  Afterward, we mostly had a lot of family time and learning how to do practical things in Trujillo as a family.  We learned how to do laundry at Luz de Vida and how to grocery shop (the orange juice, peach juice, and mango juice are amazing!! Nothing like you would find in the States).  Doing these things is a lot different than in the Unites States, but we figured it out and are doing well.  We also got to watch movies in Spanish, play hide-and-seek, chase, color, and draw pictures with our girl.
More real Peruvian lomo saltado! Yum!

For lunch we walked around our neighborhood and found a little local place to eat.  The food was really good.  What was really funny though was that we were the entertainment for the restaurant.  Everyone who was eating there sat at their table in such a way so that they could get a good view of the gringos.  Most of them weren’t even discreet about it.  Everywhere we go, we see a lot of people just staring at us.  Also, while Katie and Mom went on an exercise run in the park on Friday, Katie heard little footsteps behind her.  When she looked back, there was a little girl following them.  Pretty soon she heard many more little footsteps behind her, and when she looked back, there were four kids chasing them! It’s not everyday that you see gringas in your park!

Robyn and Gordon with the people from Luz de Vida.

Later that evening, we all said goodbye to Robyn and Gordon since they would be flying back to the U.S. early Saturday morning.  We are also establishing bedtime routines like reading books, brushing teeth, etc. with our girl and have been teaching her what it means to be a family.

Also, I finally exercised on Saturday after all this time in Peru! (I don’t really count walking everywhere around the city as much exercise.)  I want to stay in shape for my soccer season coming up.  I ran around the huge park that is just across the street from where we are staying.  You wouldn’t think there would be that many people out and about on an early Saturday morning, but there was actually quite a few people there.  It’s a pretty nice park with lots of grass, trees, playground, volleyball court, and soccer/basketball court.

Please pray for Katie and our girl. They were sick this morning, and Katie is still sick. My youngest sister is getting much better, but she hasn't fully recovered yet.

Don't forget to check out the pictures tab at the top of the page! (or just click HERE) We'll be posting many more pictures throughout our time here and after we get back.

Also, another volunteer at the orphanage has written on her blog about the adoption and our girl's day as she left the orphanage. Read about it HERE or go to this link:


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