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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More time with our girl!

It’s hard to add to Ashley’s moving and powerful post, but I’ll fill in some details.  Ashley is a volunteer here at Hogar de Esperanza and you can read her post about us at

(Simba licking Katie's face!)
Today we spent our second day with our girl, mostly at the orphanage.  We played some games inside with her—she beat us all in Candyland, and sure held her own in the Memory game.  We had fun with some Playdoh, and built some towers with dominoes.  Christina and Katie got to spend some special time with her as Cindy and I met with the orphanage social worker, and the psychologist.  We learned a lot about her health and past situation, and how much she is loved here by all and will be missed greatly!

We also spent some good time with our new daughter’s friends here at the orphanage.  Although we had a special table just for the five Rummerys for lunch, we soon made our way over to the Chispa’s table (the Casita that our daughter is in with the younger girls) and chatted with them as they finished lunch.  What a great group of kids they are! Then we had some good time outside playing some volleyball, splashing in the pool, and playing on the playground equipment.

Christina and Katie got so wet splashing with the kids that they decided to just get right in the pool with them, fully clothed!  Cindy and I meanwhile took our new daughter out of the orphanage for a bit to walk in a park and visit some friends who recently moved out of the orphanage.

Although our attorney was with us briefly this morning, she spent most of the time preparing paperwork with the SNA office.  They all have done an amazing job to make all this happen for us!

The plan is still to be able to take custody on Thursday, so we are planning our girl’s despedida (farewell party) at the orphanage for tomorrow afternoon.  Should be a special time for her!

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