The Rummerys are adopting! God placed adoption on our hearts about two years ago as a result of mission trips we took with our church in 2009 and 2010 to an orphanage in Peru. Well, to be honest, Cindy has had this on her heart since I took a trip to an orphanage in Ukraine in 1998, and it has taken me this long to open my heart to adoption! Read More Here

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meeting Our Sponsored Child

After 15 hours of traveling, we have arrived in Peru!  It’s so amazing to be in this great country again.  While we were on the flight from Atlanta to Lima, we couldn’t sit together as a family, but I ended up sitting next to a guy in his early twenties who was half Dominican, half Japanese!  He only spoke Spanish and Japanese (not English), so it was fun to practice my limited Spanish before going to Peru.  He even helped me with my Spanish homework!

View from Gibelly's house.
This morning, we touched base with our lawyers for the adoption.  Then we got to spend our afternoon with our child that we sponsor through Compassion International.  Her name is Gibelly, and she is seventeen years old.  We also got to meet most of her family—her mom, two of her little sisters, and her little brother.  We couldn’t meet her dad because he was working nor could we meet her other little sister because she was at a camp with Compassion.  But we still had a good time.

Gibelly's house is the one with the narrow teal wall
to the bottom right of the purple house.
First, we went with our Compassion representative/translator to the Compassion project center where Gibelly goes three times per week for tutoring, Bible classes, life training classes, an extra meal, and church on Sunday.  While there, we also got to meet one of her teachers who stayed with us the whole afternoon, as well.  After that, the six of us walked up to her house on the side of the mountain where we met most of her family.  They showed us around their humble home.  She has great parents who provide a home, food, and other necessities for their family.  Gibelly’s dad even travels an hour and a half (one-way) to work every day to earn money for their family, and her mom walks up and down a long steep hill all the time to bring home groceries or just to go anywhere.  However, even with a good family who provides, they are still affected by poverty. We gave them some gifts that we brought from the U.S., and she showed us the pictures of us that we have sent her over the years.

All of us took two taxis to an outdoor mall where we spent the rest of the afternoon.  We ate at Pardo’s Chicken, rode carnival type rides, and enjoyed some ice cream.  Gibelly’s little siblings especially had fun on the rides, but Gibelly, Katie, and I also enjoyed the swinging tugboat ride and the bumper cars!  When the time came for us to leave, it was very hard to say goodbye.  We have written back and forth with her many times throughout the years, and it was so sad to see her go after just meeting her and her family in person.  Someday we will see each other again, even if not on this side of heaven. 
After our hard goodbyes, Gibelly, her mother, teacher, and little siblings took a taxi back to their home while a separate taxi took us back to the place we’re staying.  We hung out in our rooms for a little while then went to the Metro (a Peruvian supermarket) to get dinner and have a little fun.


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