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Saturday, February 25, 2012

First night as a family of five!

We went to the orphanage Thursday morning to pick up our girl!! Before leaving, we got to meet people who helped her when she was little, and people who have helped her throughout her life.  After some more paperwork and gathering her things, she said goodbye to her friends, her madre, the volunteers, and her life at Hogar de Esperanza to open a new chapter of her life.  Not only would this chapter change her life forever, but it will also intertwine with ours to change ours for the better.   Afterwards, we walked around Trujillo for a bit and went out to lunch with our lawyers. 

When we got home, everyone was very excited to see her.  Yameli and Yuliana here at the Hogar Luz de Vida have lived with our girl her whole life at the orphanage.  They, along with Leceth who is just getting to know her, have been really fun for our girl to have around. Although they spend most of their time with Vilma, their house mother, learning to cook, shopping, preparing for post-secondary schooling, etc., they still have time to enjoy our girl and help her feel welcome in this facility.

At the Adoption Secretary office

Tuesdays and Thursdays here at Luz de Vida, Yuliana, Yemeli and Leceth are joined by several other teens for Bible study.  Thursday was their last one of the summer, and so Robyn and Gordon (the Americans with Corazon de Esperanza) took them all out for dinner.  Our girl and Brian tagged along to be able to spend time with them as well.  Some have lived at the orphanage that we knew from before, and others are great new teens we got to meet.

On Wednesdays and Fridays the kids of Luz de Vida go together with their Madre to nearby Huanchaco as they teach cooking skills to some poor women there.  If these women can learn to cook cheap, healthy meals they can really help to change their family situation for the better.

The kids of the Corazon de Esperanza ministry
Back at our apartment in Luz de Vida, our girl’s first bedtime away from the orphanage since she was a baby was quite exciting. After she climbed in bed and we prayed with her, with her blankets all the way up to her chin, she had her eyes wide open and the biggest smile on her face you could imagine!  I think it took her quite a while to fall asleep!

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