The Rummerys are adopting! God placed adoption on our hearts about two years ago as a result of mission trips we took with our church in 2009 and 2010 to an orphanage in Peru. Well, to be honest, Cindy has had this on her heart since I took a trip to an orphanage in Ukraine in 1998, and it has taken me this long to open my heart to adoption! Read More Here

Monday, February 20, 2012

First day with our little girl!

Thanks for praying for Cindy’s back.  She is slowly getting better, and a walk in the park this morning was good for it, too.  Please continue to pray!

Lomo Saltado!

Wow, what a wonderful first day with our little girl! We were all a bit nervous, but had a very happy day day together.  We started out at the orphanage greeting her in the volunteer area upstairs.  As we made our way around the complex, into her casita, through the playground, and around the buildings we saw a lot of the other kids as well.  She read Cinderella to us in Spanish, and demonstrated to us what a good reader she is.  Then we took her out to a nice lunch and to the mall to play some games.  She loved playing skee ball, stomp-on-the-spiders, and basketball.  Ice cream was a big hit, too.  Unfortunately we had to take her back to the orphanage at the end of the day, and we heard that she went in to her casita and told her friends all about what she did.

We spent another evening with the girls at Hogar Luz de Vida, and saw a lot of our friends at a gathering here, hosted by Robyn.  It was great to catch up with Roberto, Elias, Carmen, Sam and Oscar,  and others.

Tomorrow we have another day of visiting with our girl and being observed by the SNA social worker.


  1. I put that little girl of yours to bed tonight, and she was grinning from ear to ear. :-) Thought you might like to know that.

  2. She was pretty much bouncing off the walls as Courtney helped her pack her suitcase yesterday--it's so good to see her so excited!