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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chatting with our daughter!

Yesterday we found out that Sam and Stephanie at the orphanage in Trujillo met with our daughter and showed her pictures of our family and of our home.  We received the video of that event today (thanks again, Stephanie!) and we noticed that she seemed a bit nervous. I guess I would be, too, if I were seeing pictures of my future family from another continent! She is about to have a huge life change, as we are, too!

Even better, this afternoon Stephanie brought our girl into the library at the orphanage and we spent about 20 minutes Skyping with her!  All four of us gathered around the computer in our living room, practiced a bit of our Spanish, but mostly relied on Stephanie translating for us.  She even translated some of our Spanish into Spanish!  We told our girl how excited we were for her to be a part of our family and gave her our best guess of when we would be there to get her (end of January).  She asked a lot about us and about Simba—seems she is excited about having a pet dog!

What a blessing to talk “face to face” with our nine-year-old.  She is a really fun kid and we are grateful to be able to welcome her into our family!


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