The Rummerys are adopting! God placed adoption on our hearts about two years ago as a result of mission trips we took with our church in 2009 and 2010 to an orphanage in Peru. Well, to be honest, Cindy has had this on her heart since I took a trip to an orphanage in Ukraine in 1998, and it has taken me this long to open my heart to adoption! Read More Here

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Approved to Adopt!

Good adoption news today!  We heard from our adoption agency, who heard from our lawyer in Lima, who found out that the Secretaria National de Adopciones (SNA) in Peru approved us just yesterday as adoptive parents!  This has been the next big step in our process that we have been waiting for after our dossier was translated into Spanish.  We were anticipating that the SNA would ask us for more information about our family before they approve us (like medical stuff, documents, etc), but we're thankful that they didn't.  They still may ask for more from us at any time and so we'll wait and see.  
Now we wait for the SNA to match us for an adoption!  Please keep praying for us!

Happy Independence Day, Peru--July 28!

Friday, July 22, 2011


This week we received great news regarding the funding of our adoption.  Show Hope, the organization started by Steven Curtis Chapman, contacted us this week and has committed to give us a grant of $4000 toward our adoption expenses!  We were so thrilled to be chosen for this grant and so thankful to the donors who give to Show Hope.  They are a crucial part of our adoption yet they don’t even know us!
We are also receiving a wonderful response from the fundraising letters we mailed out.   These gifts, along with the grant and other sources, now brings us close to 50% of what we need to make this adoption happen.  Please pray with us that the other half comes in as well.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Peru's Reality

After Dad and Katie talked to Mom and me about adoption, I was so excited about the idea!  We spent the next year praying, reading on the subject, and getting advice from others if it was God’s will for our family to adopt internationally.  We decided to have all four of us go on the Peru missions trip to the orphanage that next summer.

After many hours of planning, packing, learning Spanish, and traveling, we finally made it to Lima, Peru, the capital city!  The orphanage is located near Trujillo, about a 10-hour drive by bus through the mountains along the coast from Lima.

 Along that bus ride was when the reality of third-world country poverty really hit me.  I had seen the same kind of poverty before in the Dominican Republic and Mexico, but it had not impacted me as much as it did on this bus ride.  Whenever I looked out the window, the poverty just kept going and going—for 10 hours.  That’s like from my house to Birmingham, AL.  It seemed like it would never end.  So many people had to live like this.

I don't think pictures can even start to accurately depict what it is like, but I think they can give a small window into the reality of life in many areas of Peru.

This was before we even got to the orphanage!