The Rummerys are adopting! God placed adoption on our hearts about two years ago as a result of mission trips we took with our church in 2009 and 2010 to an orphanage in Peru. Well, to be honest, Cindy has had this on her heart since I took a trip to an orphanage in Ukraine in 1998, and it has taken me this long to open my heart to adoption! Read More Here

Thursday, June 30, 2011

How We Got Started

The idea of adoption was first planted in Cindy's heart when I came back from a trip in 1998 to Ukraine with pictures of kids at an orphanage. It took me until 2009 to warm up to the idea, though, when Katie and I took a trip with 23 others from our church to the Hogar de Esperanza orphanage in Trujillo, Peru.
We spent nine days there playing with the kids, doing VBS, working around the facility, and showing Christ's love to kids who don't have a mom or a dad. A few days into the trip our leader, Tim, asked me which one I would want to adopt. I laughed. “I don't think so, Tim.”
Well, not too many days later I was seriously thinking about the possibility of one of the kids becoming a Rummery! Katie really bonded with some of the kids as well, both her age and younger. I think Cindy was pretty shocked and excited when I came home and told her what I was thinking. Christina liked the idea, too. That was August, 2009. God has been working powerfully in our hearts ever since.

(by Brian)

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